Lab Times


I am so happy to be able to offer you outdoor Labs until it is safe for us to come back inside the studio and back to our regular schedule.

Ceramics Lab is offered to those students who are currently enrolled in one of the virtual Ceramic classes. There is no instruction or tech support during Lab.

Upon your virtual class registration you will be given a link to reserve and schedule your 2 hour increment lab time, with this link you will also be able to select and reserve glazes.

Your glaze selection will be pulled and sanitized, then placed at a designated outdoor shaded station for you to glaze. Your station will have your glaze selection, a bowl with water, 2 mixing bowls and paper towels. Bring your own brushes, mixing tray, sponges and apron.

To accommodate everyone’s glazing needs, each student is asked to limit their lab time to 2 hours/day and 4 hour/week. Everyone is expected to abide by COVID19 guidelines including physical distancing and wearing a mask.

To purchase a Lab pass click HERE

6-hour lab pass for   $18.00
8- hour lab pass for  $24.00
12-hour lab pass for   $36.00
20-hour lab pass for  $60.00

(NOTE: When purchasing a  Lab pass online, it may indicate a specific attendance time, but you are not bound to that time you can choose any available time. The system set up by the City makes it possible to only purchase one type of pass, you will not be able to by two 6 hour passes for example.
Depending on demand, Lab times may be added to the existing schedule)

See calendar below for  LAB hours