Learn all about clay and let your imagination soar! How to pinch, coil, slab build, use drape and push molds, make decorative plates, bowls, boxes, mosaic tiles, jewelry, sculpt large or small and more. A technical demonstration is offered at each session, individual artistic and technical advice is given throughout the session.

We offer a wide selection of clays, beautiful and fun low fire glazes, underglazes, stains, terra sigiliata, cold finishes & more. Opportunities for specialty firings such as pit fires, luster and decals are available. Students are welcome to participate in bi-yearly student shows (visit our Upcoming Events page for details).

Wheels are available for students with prior knowledge of throwing,  demonstrations are given on request.


Current Session: September 16th – November 8th  (8 week) – $150/$165NR –

Registration is OPEN for the following Sessions:
FALL 2: November 12th – December 19th (5 weeks) $95/$110NR –
WINTER: January 7th – March 5th (8 weeks) $150/$165NR –

Tuesday AM  – Intermediate/Advanced **                  9:00am – 12:00pm    FULL
Tuesday PM  – All Levels                                                      6:30pm –   9:30pm    FULL
Wednesday  AM – Advanced **                                         9:00am – 12:00pm
Wednesday PM  – Intermediate/Advanced **           6:30am –    9:30pm    FULL
Thursday AM – All Levels                                                     9:00am – 12:00pm
Thursday PM  – All Levels                                                    6:30pm –   9:30pm    FULL

SIGN UP early class size is limited! Waitlists are available.
Bring a notebook and $25 material fee due to the instructor at the first class.

**To enter an Intermediate/Advanced class, students must have had a minimum of 2 classes with Nadia, or her consent, and initial registration is made in office.